It's easy to partner with merchee and earn $$$$

1. sign up
with merchee

2. refer

3. earn commissions

Earn 5% referral commissions

We reward our partners a Monthly Revenue Share Commission of five percent (5%). Merchee's average transaction amount is around $100, and for each transaction that we charge regular fees (4.5% + $0.45) you'll earn $0.25, so that means...

Refer just 10 merchants that make 100 sales each and you earn $250 per month!

For all the sales, from all the merchants that you refer to us, you earn a commission of 5% of the fees charged to your referred merchant. Commission are calculated on a merchant by merchant, month by month basis. Each month we'll calculate the amount of transaction fees charged to your referred accounts, and we'll automatically send you cash, right to your bank account.

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(if you refer lots of merchants or a total sales volume of more than $1 million per month, we have special rates for you.)

There's 3 methods to refer new sellers

Partner Links
Use your partner links and paste them in your HTML, in-app or emails or with one click you can share your partner links through all your social networks. When someone signs up after they click on your partner link, they'll become one of your referred accounts.

Instant Account Creation
By submitting the Account Creation form with the Seller's information, you can instantly create accounts for them. They'll receive an email invitation notifying them that their account is ready, with a unique link for them to securely confirm and activate their account. When they activate their Seller account they'll be added to your list referred accounts and they can instantly start accepting credit cards.

merchee Connect API
The connect API enables remote, instant account creation programmatically from within your apps, websites or registration forms. The "Create" response includes a unique URL that can be displayed on your website/app for the seller to be redirected to securely confirm and activate their new merchee account without ever leaving your site/app. Learn more at

NEW: Co-branding

Now sellers will see your logo throughout their account. Please contact us to request details on our co-branding programs.